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For more information on AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront or to request that a member of our sales team contact you, please fill in the form below.


AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront, an incredible collection of eight beautifully designed islands visible from the outer space, is one of the most vibrant mixed-use developments in Sharjah in the making that will reshape the landscape of the area and create a new city on the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Spread across 60 million square feet of pristine waterfront land an ideal hideout for residents and tourists. Like a precious pearl; AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront is a city within a city with integrated facilities where people could live, work, shop, dine and enjoy the best life in contemporary designed luxurious living surroundings.

The largest mixed-use master-planned waterfront community in the Northern Emirates that creates a massive economic opportunity for developers, investors, buyers and businesses.

Once developed, AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront will be a vibrant community of 60,000 people living in 1,500 villas and townhouses, 95 high-rise residential and commercial towers, (multi shopping malls and compound elegant offices), a water theme park all spread across eight islands and a marina with a capacity of 800 yachts.

A pollution-free city, the community will be blessed with world-class facilities for high-standard living. With its beautiful beaches, moderate year-long weather, leisure and shopping opportunities, AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront presents itself as a complete and attractive holiday destination.

AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront is a series of eight islands interconnected by natural canals spread across 36 kilometres of coastal land on the northeastern coast of Sharjah were crystal clear blue fresh waters of the Gulf flow every 12 hours along with the high and low tides. As the city was designed by one of the biggest most experienced companies in the world.

60%  area of the city will be landscaped with gardens, parks, and landscaped roads surrounded by natural green plains and flower beds. All ِ AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront details are in line with international standards to remain environmentally friendly and apply the best practices in the development and construction of green buildings that reduce the total carbon footprint of the project.

The entire area of the city includes gardens, landscapes, green and blue areas covering 60% of the project’s space, so you can see the beauty around you wherever you look.

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AJMAL MAKAN Real Estate Development,

Ajmal Makan is a UAE based leading master Real Estate developer of cities and mixed-use master-planned communities with impeccable 
property development credentials.

Ajmal Makan is led by a team of passionate professionals who are ready to challenge conventions and achieve results. With our wide experience
in property management and maintenance we are reaching new heights of success.

In Ajmal Makan we promise to create a residential and tourist destination by international standards. We spare no effort to build unique cities
that offers an effective contribution in improving people’s life. Our vision is to inspire people as we were inspired by others, to achieve great community innovations,to improve the lifestyles socially, economically and environmentally.



Founder & Chairman

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Fahid Al Shakrah
Founder and Chairman, AJMAL MAKAN Real Estate Development

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Fahid Al Shakrah, a true visionary, who graduated in Islamic Studies from the Shari’a Faculty in Riyadh, Founder and Chairman of AJMAL MAKAN Real estate development, is a self-made ambitious entrepreneur, a business leader with a clear vision. He has proven his capability to transform a business vision into corporate reality and provide the leadership that is necessary to maintain its continuity and growth. Through the development of Emirates Industrial City and AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront, he has been complimenting the economic growth of Sharjah. Emirates Industrial City has been a game-changing private sector initiative that strengthened the reputation of Sharjah as a major industrial destination that is contributing to the UAE economy. His organizations are currently creating new industrial and real estate clusters that will have far-reaching socio-economic impact in the economies of United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – where his business originated three decades ago. and one of those major organization that he created and nursed was Al Hanoo real estate which is currently developing Sharjah Auto Park and Al Hanoo Industrial City – two integrated master-planned business parks for the automobile accessories and scrap metal businesses supporting positively the existing used car and spare parts industry to relocate to a more modern facility and help re-position the emirate of Sharjah as a leading industrial hub for auto spare parts and accessories businesses. Through the huge business group that he created, three large mixed-use communities are been developed – Greens Living and Quartage Project - Saudi Arabia that will change the urban landscape of the kingdom, and AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront an iconic mixed-use waterfront destination in Sharjah that will help change the economic landscape of the third largest emirate of UAE. His vision and strategy is not just making AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront grow but also helping a lot of customers from different social levels achieve their dreams. Under his wise leadership and vision, AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront is well-poised for further growth, much similar to the exponential diversification achieved by the group, founded by him nearly three decades ago, the group has been committed towards the development of the real estate sector in Saudi Arabia and many other neighbouring countries and today has a strong presence in contracting, gas and electricity networks installation, agriculture, trading and many other developing sectors. This diversified approach is what makes the group a pioneer and an integral facet in the economic hub of various countries in the region. Under his stewardship, Sheikh Abdullah set up many successful companies such as Al Hanoo Gas and Electrical Installation Company, KSA, Al Hanoo Agriculture, KSA, Emirates Industrial City, UAE, Tanmiyat Al Riyadh Real Estate Development, KSA, Munshiyat Contracting, UAE and Al Hanoo Real Estate, UAE. Besides being the Chairman-Founder of AJMAL MAKAN real estate development, Sheikh Abdullah also holds the post of Chairman in many of these entities.


Founder & Chairman


Chief Executive Officer

H.E Sultan Al Shakrah
Chief Executive Officer AJMAL MAKAN real estate development

Sultan Al Shakrah, Chief Executive Officer of AJMAL MAKAN, is a forward-looking young Arab business leader who is driving the growth and development of AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront, in addition to his other responsibilities as CEO of Al Hanoo Real estate.

By developing AJMAL MAKAN City - Sharjah Waterfront, the iconic project in the emirate of Sharjah promising to change the real estate landscape in Sharjah and offer a great value to the UAE nationals and expatriate residents.

A second-generation businessman, Sultan Al Shakrah has been well trained in business activities starting at the age of 20, following his graduation with double major in marketing, finance, management and information system.
Prior to taking over the role of the CEO of Ajmal Makan, Sultan Al Shakrah was the CEO of Al Hanoo Real estate – a flagship company of the group’s diversified portfolio of businesses. Beside his managerial role he started as the Finance Director of Al Hanoo Real estate and was responsible for effective management of all financial tasks, which includes all corporate accounting, treasury, compliance, financial reporting and development of internal control policies and procedures, managing all daily accounting operations and group and entity level cash requirements and placements of excess funds, while developing and maintaining working relationship with real estate official to ensure timely and smooth filing of approval requests and their follow up.

In his role, he also had to prepare financial summaries, reports, analysis, cost-benefits analysis to support the vision of the company as well as giving direction and leadership towards the achievement of the department’s key performance indicators and annual objectives through recruiting, managing, motivating, coaching and developing the needed teams.

By getting involved into financial management, he has learnt the inner side of business management – that has helped him to offer a better leadership to the team and help drive his own ambitions.

During the last nine years of his productive life, Sultan Al Shakrah has worked his way up to the top, under the able guidance of his father, Sheikh Abdullah Al Shakrah, Chairman of Group – who has developed a number of projects including Emirates Industrial City – that is contributing to the UAE economy in a big way.
He is picking up the pieces from his father and mentor and preparing the company to deliver the promises to its stakeholders. He has embarked on the new role at a time when digital approaches are eliminating traditional business practices, replaced by new technology-enabled solutions. As a new-generation tech-savvy businessman, he has deployed all the new tools to speed up things and spearhead the business activities as per the group’s vision.
Driving forward the operation, sales, development and support the company including managing strategy and implementing improvements and growth through managing a team of senior sales and operations management professionals.
Directly accountable for the delivery of the overall results achieved across all divisions of the company, he has prepared the company for the next phase of growth locally and regionally.


Chief Executive Officer


Al Leem Excellence Award For 4th Annual Water & Energy Congress - 2019 Sharjah - UAE

Arabian Business Real Estate Award For Best Waterfront Project - 2018 Dubai - UAE

Al Leem 10th Annual Leadership & Management Excellence Award - 2018 Sharjah - UAE

Al Leem 9th Annual leadership & Management Congress Award - 2017 Sharjah - UAE

Al Leem 8th Annual Project Managment Congress Award - 2016 Sharjah - UAE


To be the leading master property developer of choice for the development of mixed-use master-planned destinations, waterfronts and cities in the Gulf, powered by innovative, state-of-the-art, smart and environmentally-friendly real estate solutions maintaining the highest quality standards and business practices.


To surpass expectation in every aspect including timely delivery of projects and attain customer happiness as well as consistently deliver high quality, and constantly improve and innovate in order to provide value of money solutions to our customers.



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